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Fancy joining us for this year’s black belt camp in Worcester?
There are still spaces left

Actually, we have had a few questions regarding our BLACK BELT CAMP –

1. it is in fact open to all coloured belts aged 9yrs+ too not just black belts 🙂 we are trying to include as many people as we can this year as it is the first camp since COVID

2. What to wear? We’d encourage everyone to be in doboks for the first 2 seminars but you can wear club t-shirts for the sparring – don’t forget to bring your own kit!

3. What is the running order?

⏰ 8.45am – doors open, meet & greet, free coffee & tea available to all participants

⏰ 9.05am – Master John Swift introduction and opening of the event

⏰ 9.15am – Kicking & Stretching with Ex GB Olympic team member and commonwealth bronze medalist Maddie Davies and Mr Ryan Coles 5th Degree, ITS black belt grading examiner and England team member

⏰ 10.45pm – Patterns and applied technique with 8th degree Chief Master Don Deedigan (due to do his 9th degree in 2024) and myself Senior Master John Swift 7th degree

⏰ 12.00 – short break – free tea & coffee – bring your own lunch

⏰ 12.30 – Sparring with Mr Owen King (5th dan) former WAKO British European and World Champion and Senior Master John Swift 7th degree

⏰ 2.30pm – big group photo to capture those memories

⏰ 3.00pm – Senior black belt testing (closed doors – no spectators) some of our instructors are doing 5th and 6th degree gradings – v exciting!!!!


If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to private message me – 07989980155


Don’t forget to book on as the deadline is tomorrow (Saturday 30th September)
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