Belt Grading – Sunday 16th June 2024

Are you ready for this quarters coloured belt grading?

Sunday 16th JUNE
Venue – Hagley Community Centre, DY9 0NW

2.00pm – white belts & white yellow stripes

3.00pm – yellow belts & yellow green stripes

4.00pm – green belts & green blue stripes

5.00pm – blue, red stripes & red belts

These groups refer to the belt colour you are now, not the one you are going for!

Don’t forget to submit your valid licence book at class prior to the grading day – you cannot just turn up and test!


We recommend –

⏰  White to GREEN belts should train a minimum of 1 session per week for 3 months per grade … preferably more – we can see if you practice at home!! 😂

… all students must be in full white VERVE uniform for gradings as well as traditional seminars & tournaments!

⏰  BLUE belts and above should train a minimum of 2 sessions per week for 6 months per grade – not just for a couple of months before hoping to test!

… plus all students need VERVE sparring equipment at this stage as we spar on the blue belt to red stripe gradings and above!

⏰  RED belts and above will grade / belt test through invitation only from your senior instructor so train hard, train with intent and perform to your best every time you step out!

‘BELTS will not be given – they will be EARNED’ 💪🏻 😉

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